What Do His Flowers Truly Mean?

As Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching, men are searching to find the perfect bouquet of flowers for the women in their lives. But there is a good chance he has no idea what the flowers actually mean! I did some research and found a “guide” for flower translation. But I will say, that I have received some of these flowers and the “translation” was completely wrong. So keep that in mind, it’s just entertaining!

BUTTTTTT…….future husband, PLEASE read. 🙂

Represents: purity, lofty thoughts
Says: “I’m not going to put out.”

Burgundy Roses
Represents: unconscious beauty
Says: “I can’t see your beauty. Because it’s underneath the surface. Beauty is only skin deep. You have inner beauty? Er, I like watching you sleep.”

Represents: innocence, loyal love, and faith
Says: “These are delicate with a hint of spontaneity, just like you.”

Represents: suspicion
Says: “I bet you are cheating on me, but we can agree that these flowers smell damn good.”

Yellow Tulips
Represents: hopeless love
Says: “Please, please, please, please be with me. Please.”

Bird’s-Foot Trefoil
Represents: revenge
Says: “You’ll pay for these flowers.”

Represents: refined beauty
Says: “I am either pretentious or trying really hard to be.”

Gerbera Daisies (Future husband, pick these….these are my favorite)
Represents: beauty, innocence and purity
Says: “I love you.”

Yellow Poppies
Represents: wealth and success
Says: “I love you for your money.”

Pink Carnations
Represents: a mother’s love
Says: “No, I don’t have Oedipus Complex, but, yes, these flowers should have gone to Mom.”

Yellow Roses
Represents: joy, friendship, apology, jealousy, dying love, infidelity, and heartbreak
Says: “I have no idea what I’m trying to say.”

Or the men should play it “safe” and just bake us something like these.

I mean, who doesn’t love cupcakes?


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Family Portraits at Madera Estates

You know that saying, “time flies when you are having fun?” I never believed that til that I became a wedding coordinator! I absolutely love my job and it’s so hard to explain just how much. Katy and I look forward to meeting all the brides and planning their special day. It’s pretty sweet! {This is where I get side-tracked and start talking about shoes} I got a really cute pair of leopard heels the other day, and thankfully just in time for our photo-shoot that we had the other day. Ama Photography by Aisha Khan came out and took some AMAZING ‘family portraits.’ People always say that me and Katy are sisters and we work for our parents….and I would laugh so hard! I never saw the similarities til we got our pictures back from Aisha.  Take a look and tell me what you think. And of course, we had to take a picture of our amazing shoes…which is by far my FAVORITE picture.

i-5Txb8cr-M i-9vChsmn-M i-7899Pth-M medimi-QP9BMfk-M i-rznZhFv-M i-xknMGSV-M

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Purple vs Red Team

Happy Super Bowl {Funday} Sunday! Katy and I were asked earlier what our plans were for today…and we both looked at each other and laughed. We had no idea who was even playing…so we decided to go for the {purple} team! (For those who care, it’s the 49ers and Ravens.) I will say that I am a huge Texans fan, but since they didn’t make it far in the playoffs…I quit caring about football. *If my future husband is reading this, I am so sorry*

Anyways, it has been a crazy, crazy week! We are so thrilled that several brides have booked with us the past couple of days! So congratulations to those couples! I cannot wait for their special day here at Madera!

I just wanted to share a hilarious Super Bowl commercial…because that’s all I really care about watching this evening. Enjoy! Who doesn’t love Betty White??

Have a FANTASTIC Sunday 🙂

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Ama Photography by Aisha Khan at Madera Estates

Soooo…there’s this FANTASTIC photographer that we just love! Her name is Aisha Khan and she rocks! She took some great pictures from our Open House and I couldn’t wait to share! There was too many to choose from, so I tried sharing some of my favorites in the gallery! For a look at the rest of the photos, please visit http://smu.gs/XkHsr7
Enjoy and be sure to check out her website AND “like” her on facebook!  

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“Kiss Me in The Dark” at Madera Estates

So 2013 has definitely gotten off to a busy start! I can’t believe January has almost ended. I know me and Katy have enjoyed it! We have been busy bees after our Open House! It was absolutely incredible to meet all the brides {and grooms} that participated. For those wondering, yes, I rocked my high heels..and didn’t suffer too badly. And the fireworks show…I mean..there are NO words to describe how awesome they were. I CRIED! Not like the one tear drop, I’m talking about the full-on waterworks! Celestial Displays was able to launch the fireworks to the song, “Kiss Me in The Dark” by Randy Rogers Band..absolutely amazing. If you weren’t able to be there for that, check out the video below! 🙂 Just have some tissues ready. HA!

On Sunday, we were honored to participate in the Weddings in Houston “I Do! Bridal Soiree.” We met a lot of new brides, vendors…and of course PHOTOBOOTHS!! Katy and I were able to take a quick break towards the end of the evening, and stumble across a booth with FUN props. I found a wig, and Katy found a rubber chicken. It was a blasty blast! Anyways, I hope everyone has a great week and enjoy the pictures from this weekend and our day off work! 🙂

Had to take a picture to remember the day flats succeeded heels.


Photobooth Time!


Katy and I decided to try baking cupcakes on our day off {Monday} and this was our creation. Needless to say, we wasted the whole day making over 100 cupcakes.
Anybody hungry?


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Before the Bells…A Bridal Affair at Madera Estates

What is everyone’s plans this Saturday the 26th?? Coming to our Open House from 4-7pm?? Oh, that’s so awesome..I can’t wait to meet everyone! 🙂  We are so excited and cannot wait for this weekend. Our 2nd Open House and I Do! Bridal Soiree show? I think we may have hit JACKPOT! So, Saturday…it’s going to be unbelievable! Cocktails, meeting our exclusive/preferred vendors, hors d’oeurves, smores bar and fireworks. Yah, I said it…FIREWORKS!! *cue song…”Baby, you’re a fireworkkkk…come on show them what you’re worttthhh”* Celestial Displays is going to be putting on an awesome show at 6:45pm, so be ready to have your socks knocked off! I hope to see everyone there, it’s going to be LEGIT!

Here are our wonderful vendors participating this weekend!
All Star Catering
Dru Harper Photographics
Bakery and Cakes
Carter’s Florists
Wedding Fanatics
Celestial Displays
AMA by Aisha Photography
PB and DJ
Serendipity Floral Designs
All the Crave Cheesecakes
Chocolate Encore
Photography by Niki
College Park Flowers
Over the Top Linen
Sacred Image Photography
Ann Davis with Mary Kay
Framework Makeup Artistry
The Sassy Apple
Lone Star Executive Limousine
Celebration Bands

And just a random picture that I found, and couldn’t stop laughing.  🙂


Oh yah, follow us on Pinterest!

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“My feet don’t touch the ground” at Madera Estates

WOW! Kristie and Jesse’s wedding was so much fun this past Saturday! And guess who wore the right shoes…ME!!! I found some super cute sparkly shoes and I’m thoroughly impressed with the comfort they provided unlike my heels! So besides my awesome shoes, this wedding was gorgeous. They went with a deep purple and red theme, and it was perfect for them!  And the weather, was ABSOLUTELY breathtaking! If you haven’t checked our Facebook yet, check the picture I snapped on my phone below! I’m praying that I will be lucky enough to have that type of weather for my day!! And I have to say, I’m very proud of me and Katy–Kristie and Jesse had a photobooth at their wedding, and we did not participate! I walked by several times at the end of the event when they were tearing the booth down, and it took everything I had not to just take one by myself. So I hate to report, there are no photobooth pictures this week! 😦 But enjoy the pictures below from this spectacular wedding!



Quick snap of their ceremony!!


The PERFECT pair of shoes!


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