The Guide to Removing Stains

So, I’m always THAT girl who spills their drink or has some type of stain on me! For instance, yesterday–I had a hot date. *GASP* and I was about to run out the door, but realized I had deodorant down my entire front side…and back. How that is possible? I do not know, but it happened! :/ Anyways, so I didn’t have a clue how to remove the HUGE spot, so I took another 20 minutes changing outfits. Of course, I was a bit late–however, I had an spectacular {second} outfit. Long story short, I blame my deodorant stain for making me go through that awful date. {Which by the way, is a whole other story that I will have to save for later}

After determining the reason behind being single {my deodorant stain}, I did some research to figure out how to remove certain stains. Figured, I would share because they all’s not like one of those infomercials you see and it’s just a huge rip off. No, I legitimately tried them all and the stains are GONE! Most of these show you how remove the stain from a wedding dress..but since we are a wedding venue, it goes hand in hand. 🙂 ENJOY.

–Use dryer sheets or fabric softener sheets and rub it over the deodorant mark. The sheet’s material will pull the deodorant right out of the clothing. Plus, you’ll smell good! 🙂

–Gently dab at the stain with a clean white cloth. Then pour water or club soda onto the cloth, and dab some more. WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT RUB! Keep dabbing until it seems like most of the stain has come out. Use chalk or talcum power to disguise anything that doesn’t come out.

–Sprinkle talcum powder liberally over the stain. Wait about ten minutes, then shake the excess off.

–The solution: hairspray. Test the hairspray out on a discreet portion of your dress–perhaps the inside of the hem–before using it on the stain, as hairspray may mark the fabric. Put a cloth behind the fabric, then spray the ink stain lightly. Wait five minutes, then dab gently with a damp cloth.

–Try covering the stain with baking soda or talcum powder. You can also try using a solvent such as dry cleaning fluid or cigarette lighter fluid, but be aware that such solvents frequently discolor fabric. YIKES

–If the blood is still wet, moisten a cotton swab with your own saliva (or the saliva of the person whose blood it is), then gently rub it over the stain. {Why that matters, I haven’t figured that out yet} If the blood is dry or nearly dry, dab the blood stain gently with very cold water on a white washcloth. Hold the cloth on the spot and see if blood breaks down and comes out. If not, try using diluted Hydrogen Peroxide. Use the diluted solution to gently dab at the stain. When it starts to break down, go back to plain cold water.

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