What an exceptional weekend! On Saturday, Jennifer and Alex {Leon} tied the knot and there are no words to describe how fun it was! She had a mason jar theme, and I cannot wait to add some of her ideas to our PINTEREST 🙂 After coordinating their wedding, Katy and I woke up on early on Sunday to participate for the Dream Wedding Show in The Woodlands. We were able to meet so many new brides and even some of our {Madera} brides! And of course, we came across some SERIOUS PhotoBooths! I know everyone is probably DYING to see those pictures and to see what shoes we wore, so see the pictures below!
And if anyone is keeping count: Heels-1934235235 and Lauren-O. As always, ENJOY!

Our booth!20130224_131313

Image Cinema Photobooth

482841_10100613356146505_1117503773_n (1)LA Photography 


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