Madera Estates at The Southwest Wedding Show

Good Evening, Bloggers!

I hope everyone has had a GREAT Saturday! Katy and I have been busy bees preparing for tomorrow’s bridal show at the Lone Star Convention Center. We {Katy and I} have not been to this particular show yet, so we are anxious to see how tomorrow goes. But guess who has already decided on her shoes?? THIS GIRL. I’m going to go with my comfy flats, because my feet are killing me from today. For some reason I decided to try out my new 7 inch wedge-type shoes…gorgeous, but very uncomfortable. *sad day* Let’s see what Katy ends up wearing though! 🙂 I think she might be tough, and go with her heels.

ANYWAYS, if you don’t have plans tomorrow, you should stop by our booth and come say hello…and maybe show off your shoes!
Check out the link for more details of the Southwest Wedding Show!

And here’s a funny picture I found…thought I’d share! ENJOY!


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