“My feet don’t touch the ground” at Madera Estates

WOW! Kristie and Jesse’s wedding was so much fun this past Saturday! And guess who wore the right shoes…ME!!! I found some super cute sparkly shoes and I’m thoroughly impressed with the comfort they provided unlike my heels! So besides my awesome shoes, this wedding was gorgeous. They went with a deep purple and red theme, and it was perfect for them!  And the weather, was ABSOLUTELY breathtaking! If you haven’t checked our Facebook yet, check the picture I snapped on my phone below! I’m praying that I will be lucky enough to have that type of weather for my day!! And I have to say, I’m very proud of me and Katy–Kristie and Jesse had a photobooth at their wedding, and we did not participate! I walked by several times at the end of the event when they were tearing the booth down, and it took everything I had not to just take one by myself. So I hate to report, there are no photobooth pictures this week! 😦 But enjoy the pictures below from this spectacular wedding!



Quick snap of their ceremony!!


The PERFECT pair of shoes!


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