Bridal Extravaganza Madness!

Today was an absolute success! Katy and I had a great time visiting with all the Houston brides who were bright eyed about their upcoming weddings! There was a prodigious turnout for Saturday’s show, I can only imagine tomorrow! EEK!! I will say, I definitely need to go shoe shopping first thing in the morning because my six inch heels will not suffice! The second best moment of the day (the first was meeting all the brides) was getting back to the hotel and throwing my heels across our room! They will remain hidden in the back of my closet on Show days!! Anyways, enough about shoes (I could go on for hours), today was amazing and such a great experience for us! Thrilled for tomorrow though! If you’ve never been to Houston’s Bridal Extravaganza….you definitely need to go! Tickets can be purchased at! But, here are a few pictures from today! 🙂

Our AWESOME booth! Wahoo!!


Katy and I hanging out at our booth! (This was totally at the end of the day, we never sat down ONCE!)

20130105_162750 (2)

A really fun photobooth vendor we found!


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