10 Gorgeous Wedding Centerpieces

Looking for those perfect centerpieces to have for your wedding day? Here are a few ways to add a little color or spice to the table!



(Starting Left to Right)

1. Seascape: Dress tables with sculptural shells and coral-like pieces. Large conch and murex shells with cattleya orchids nestled in their openings and smaller marlin spike shells surround a vase filled with tiny shells and a pillar candle. Painted manzanita branches stand in real coral.

2.  Wine Bottle and Table Numbers: Have wine bottles do double-duty as table numbers. Cover-weight paper printed with large, graphic numerals can be adhered over existing labels with double-sided tape for a clean, contemporary look.

3. Modern Wood: Millinery birds perch on branches blooming with handmade paper blossoms. Blue vases (positioned between seats so conversation can flow) match the color of the plates, which also have a blossom motif.

4. Opalescent: A scattering of single-flower arrangements in colorful bottles makes for an informal yet, impactful tablescape. Give glass containers a lit-from-within look with our simple technique: Pour 1/4 inch of glass paint into a bottle or jar, and rotate it slowly, moving the paint around until the whole interior is coated. Set the bottle upside-down to allow excess paint to drain out. Turn right-side up, and let dry overnight.

5. Citrus Arrangement: Lemons and grapefruits tied in yellow taffeta ribbons and piled into a glass compote make a bright, casual arrangement. The bows are secured by pins, and sheer yellow organdy drapes from the bowl.

6. Harvest: A table arrangement of grains celebrates the bounty of fall. In addition to wheat, which symbolizes a fruitful life, this textured display includes other dried grasses (available at crafts stores), so it can be made weeks ahead. The final flourish? A luxurious satin bow.

7. Playful: Each table has a different theme. The “photo” table has a vintage View-Master discs, slide carousels, wooden frames, and a classic camera; larkspur, peach roses, scabiosa seed heads, and craspedia shoot out of the centerpiece’s wheatgrass base.

8. Yellow and White: To create these bold yellow-and-white centerpieces, combine jonquils, ranunculus, tulips, and sweetpeas, placing flowers in single-variety mini bunches before combining; this highlights the lush textures of each type. Opaque vases mean no stressing about the look of the stems. A band of thick yellow ribbon around each vase, plus lengths of it across each place setting, extend the crisp color scheme.

9. Branch: Manzanita branches –accent4ed with wrapped vases of ivory garden roses, fringed tulips, ranunculs, tallow-berry branches, and cotton. Brings the simple beauty of the great outdoors into the bucolic yet elegant reception.

10. Bright with Candles: You’ll be blazing a new design path with this clean and contemporary tablescape that takes its cues from the striking beauty of abstract art. A big, vibrant pop of color in the form of bright candles you design yourself casts a warm glow over an otherwise clean, minimalist table.

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