Something Old, Something New…

“Something old
Something new
Something borrowed
Something blue
And a sixpence in her shoe

As an old tradition brides carry something old, new, borrowed, and blue as a token of good-luck. The “something old” represents the ties to the bride’s family and past. The new item shows optimism and hope for her future…

Ideas for “something old”:

Vintage Car for Transportation

Lace taken from a mother or grandmother’s wedding dress and wrapped around the bride’s bouquet

Take an old childhood pillow and wrap it in a new fabric for the ring bearer to carry

Photo: Squidoo

Display wedding portraits of both the bride’s and groom’s parents and grandparent’s at the reception.

Ideas for “Something New”:

New lipstick & makeup to wear for the big day

Photo: Chez Wed

New perfume to wear

New haircut or hairstyle

New jewelry

A new car for transportation

Temporary or permanent tattoo

Check back on Wednesday for inspiration on your something borrowed, something blue

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