♥ Lace of Hearts ♥

Incorporating lace into weddings is becoming an extremely popular trend. Brides are being creative and using lace for far more than just the traditional veil, dress, and garter – although keeping that tradition alive is still popular as well!

Photos (left to right, top to bottom): Style & Elegance, Elegant Unique Wedding, United With Love, Wedding Guide

We love lace on everything! Here are some great ways to lace up your wedding.

What you and your groom are wearing on your wedding day is noticed by all of your guests, so obviously you want to look stunning with your groom! You can accessorize with a lace parasol or a lace wrapped bouquet (for your ‘something old’ you can take lace from your mother or grandmother’s wedding dress and wrap it around your bouquet)

If your groom doesn’t mind a little lace give him a lace boutonniere to wear!

You can try this lace hair accessory for your ceremony and/or reception (even your bridesmaids could wear it to have a little touch of lace).

You can add a delicate touch to your wedding invitations and thank-you’s with a little lace!

Photo: Onida Cruz

Photo: Onida Cruz

For the ceremony you can let your adorable ring bearer carry a lace pillow down the aisle.

At your reception you can keep a trace of lace in your theme with napkin rings, candles, and seating cards.

If you are wanting even more lace you can use lace for a table runner!

Food is all-important at your reception! Take a look at these lace inspired wedding cakes.

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One Response to ♥ Lace of Hearts ♥

  1. Becky says:

    Great little thread. Love all the about.
    I am having a lace inspired wedding. It started right after I had tried on “the dress” (Which I later decided against and got something the same but better and half the price in the same style). I knew I wanted a lace dress before I tried it on. Then after the dress shopping we went past a little store and I saw the cutest lace invites, the spark triggered and off I went.
    I am doing most of the above. Lace dress, lace around the bouquets, lace cake, hints of lace in decorations, lace parasols (for photo shoots but we have flowers to start with), lace on invites, not sure about lace on groomsmen yet…..hmmm, lace heels and clutch for me but I am debating to get some sparkly aqua heels just to mix it up. My wedding is at the beach, theme: Lace (of course) Aqua, white and natural materials. So we are having burlap runners, chair sashes and burlap featured on the invites. Lets just hope it all comes together in the end.
    What is great about lace is you can make it what ever you want it to be. Vintage old, Vintage retro, beach, rustic. hippy 🙂

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