Madera Estates Update

Construction is moving along very well! Everyday something new gets finished and starts to resemble what our finished facility is going to look like. The whole process is very exciting and we are glad we get to share this experience with you all. Everything should be completed and running smoothly by September, don’t forget to call us at 936-441-9337 to book a tour! You can also see our packages and more information at

Although the areas in these pictures are not completely finished they are definitely farther along in the process than the previous update! The pictures on the left are the “before” pictures and on the right are the “after” pictures.

This is one room of our bridal suite. The walls are a pale blue and the room is filled with several vanities and a plethora of mirrors!

This picture is taken outside of an entrance that leads into the banquet hall. The framework for the breezeway has been built but there is still more construction to go!

This is a picture of the walkway on the other side of the banquet hall. On the other side of the arches is the courtyard, which will have a stone wall (see below picture) around the border.

The stone wall will be along the border of our courtyard and the flower beds will be filled with lush foliage year-round.

Keep checking for more updates and new pictures as the construction of Madera Estates comes to a close and events start taking place – don’t forget about Before the Bells on September 16th!

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