Blooming Bouquets

Happy Friday everyone! Here is a rainbow of unique wedding bouquets featuring all sorts of flowers from red roses to pink peonies.


This bouquet is very eye-catching. The contrast of the white flowers against the red roses and calla lilies break up the darker colors for a visually appealing arrangement.

This red bouquet is uniquely put together with spider mums, white roses, burgundy lilies and even berries. The bouquet is sprayed with a gold mist to finish.


This bouquet has many soft oranges that are perfect for a fall wedding. There are different shades of orange roses and dahlias with white hydrangeas.

This bouquet is smaller than the other, but it is just as beautiful. The creamy colors blend perfectly with the brighter shades of orange. These dahlias, combined with roses, are perfect for fall weddings.


Yellow bouquet

I love this bright bouquet – it would be gorgeous in a summer wedding! This is made of yellow Gerber daisies and regular daisies.


Having a green bouquet isn’t very common, but the white baby’s breath adds just enough color to the galax leaves. I love how unique this bouquet is!


This bouquet is also VERY unique. These flowers were stitched using a felt flower-making kit; the bride put one of her grandmother’s brooches in the center of each flower. This bouquet includes her “something blue”, “something old” and could even be her “something new”! Very creative idea, her bouquet will last much longer than traditional bouquets.

This bouquet is also unique. It is not over-flowing with flowers yet the white calla lilies add to the agapanthus and brown pods to fill out the bouquet.


This fragrant bouquet features lilacs, tulips, and sweat peas. The rosemary adds just enough green to complete the bouquet without taking away from the violet hue.

This bouquet looks very tropical and would be perfect in a spring or summer wedding. It is made of Vanda orchids and Panamanian fish scale flowers.


This bouquet almost has a tie-dye effect with the multicolored peonies. This is very feminine and would look beautiful in weddings year-round!

Black & White

So don’t you typically find black in the rainbow, but I loved this little pop of color in the white anemones. This bouquet would be perfect for a black and white wedding. You could wrap the stems in a colored ribbon for a little pop.


This bouquet of vibrant colors is very summery. The yellow, blue, red and orange blooms add a variety of colors the bride can use in her wedding.

While looking for these unique bouquets I also found a unique way to wrap the stems of a bouquet. The picture below shows what one bride did to hers. She took extra fabric from her dress and wrapped it around the stems. She added a glass heart charm and tied her grandmother’s wedding band on the fabric. This is so cute and very individualized!

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