Take A Closer Look

If you want to know more about Madera Estates and what our facility is like, find out here! Below are several pictures showing the Spanish influence we have here at Madera Estates.

The top left picture is our beautiful fountain right outside the main entrance doors. It is perfect for wedding photos and adds to the Spanish elegance of Madera Estates. The top center is one of the many light fixtures located outdoors. In the evenings its soft glow welcomes you inside. The large vases on the top right are ones that we brought in from Mexico – much of our decor is inspired from Spanish art and architecture. The vase on the right is painted with remarkably bright colors in a unique design. The table in the bottom left resembles Spain’s use of bold colors. In the 15th century many designs of vines and leaves as well as bold colors, were commonly used in Spanish art, pottery, and furniture. The three light fixtures on the bottom right are very unique; the center piece is a mixture of tiny beads and glass. (source info: http://www.helium.com/items/2073495-an-introduction-to-antique-spanish-pottery)

This collage of pictures features just 4 of the many mirrors in our Bridal Suite. In each frame there is a floral design with a touch of gold. They bring an elegant and feminine feel to the Bridal suite – which also includes a closet, bathroom, and a shower for the day-of preparations.

Remember to stay updated with what is happening at Madera Estates – Weddings & Events here on our blog and also on Facebook and Twitter @maderaestates, Happy Wednesday!

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